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Unique Bid Auction

Unique Bid Auction is a type of strategy game where the player with the lowest and unique bid (number) wins the auction (game). First thing first, unlike other games, to play this game you should log in. After you log in, the only thing you have to do is to submit your number. You can submit only one number per day (Time Zone: (GMT+8:00) Hong Kong) and cannot change your number after you submit. As said before, the member who submits the lowest and unique bid (number) wins the auction (game). So, be careful. The score table shows the winner of the day with his/her winning number.
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Enter a Number


Date Winner Number
2020-02-10Ahmet Arduc5
2020-02-11Ahmet Arduc5
2020-02-12Ahmet Arduc3
2020-02-13Kaiser Chun Kiu Fan1
2020-02-14Caed Mark Medul Mendoza2
2020-02-15Caed Mark Medul Mendoza1
2020-02-16Leticia Laila TSE9
2020-02-17Caed Mark Medul Mendoza7
2020-02-19Leticia Laila TSE128
2020-02-20Ahmet Arduc1
2020-02-21Caed Mark Medul Mendoza1
2020-02-22Ahmet Arduc3
2020-02-23Caed Mark Medul Mendoza2
2020-02-24Ahmet Arduc3
2020-02-25Caed Mark Medul Mendoza1

To play this game you should log in.